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kyra & ko summer 2019 Kyra & Ko is a successful Dutch fashion label that is sold in several European countries. An interview with Lidwien van der Klei, owner and designer of the brand.

What characterises Kyra & Ko?

‘For me fashion is not all about trends and we prefer to set our own course. Thanks to this approach we have developed an authentic identity that has become increasingly clear since we started in 2003.
I think our strength lies in this recognisable signature, that matches the wishes of our customers.’

Who is the Kyra & Ko woman?

‘She is a mature woman that leads an active life and discovered her own style. The team of women I work closely with are an important reference for me. They are professionals as well as mothers with busy social lives.’

How would you describe the style of the collection?

‘Kyra & Ko is distinctive and at the same time functional. The feminine, wide-ranging collection offers many possibilities and can be worn both easy-going and more formal.’

Colour plays a leading role within the collections.

‘Since the beginning we have positioned ourselves as a brand that is largely recognised for our lively use of colour and special designs. The last couple of years the choice of colour has become a little more subdued, but is never cool and distant.’

How do you start afresh on a collection every season?

‘Fabrics, yarns and prints are divided into four different colour stories and always form the basis of a new season. For me, this is the most important stage in the design process, as with this the foundation is laid to a varied combination of possibilities within each collection.’

The fit is one of the key features of Kyra & Ko.

‘A female-friendly and comfortable fit determines whether a woman likes wearing a particular piece of clothing. We therefore honour our bestsellers and we apply new materials and colours to them every season. In addition to that, I aspire to develop new designs that add something to our customers’ wardrobe. For me each collection offers a progressive insight.’

Where are the Kyra & Ko collections produced?

‘Almost all items are made in Europe, primarily in Portugal. We work with carefully selected manufacturers that respect good working conditions and fair wages.’

Can you tell us something about the company’s growth?

‘The first couple of seasons were marked by “do it yourself” but after two years we could thankfully exchange my living room for a professional space and take on our first employees. Seven years ago we moved to the property in Haarlem where the showroom and studio are now located. It was at that time we left the pioneering phase and organically developed into a well-organised company with around 500 retail outlets. I am quite proud of that.'

How does it feel to be the head of a fast growing company?

‘At times it can be quite a challenge but I see it as a positive one. I count my blessings having a superb team around me, allowing me to work accurately. When we started Kyra & Ko, I was a single mother busy raising my twin sons. Since the boys are leading their own lives I have all the space to focus on Kyra & Ko's future development.’
kyra & ko summer 2019
kyra & ko summer 2019
kyra & ko summer 2019
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